NMYLA is a member of Mass Bay Girls Lacrosse League, Patriot Youth Lacrosse League, US Lacrosse, and the Positive Coaching Alliance. We adhere to their code of conduct and policies. Good sportsmanship is expected of everyone including parents and spectators.

At games we ask everyone to respect the following rules:

  • Spectators are only allowed on the sideline opposite the players' area.
  • Never speak directly or indirectly to an official during a game.
  • Facility rules should be adhered to at all times at both home and away games.

Playing Time

We strive to give every child an equal opportunity to participate in games. Players are expected to attend all practices. Parents should have players arrive on time for practices and games.

Playing time may be limited if a player consistently misses practice, receives excessive penalties, or is ejected from a game by an official. If a player is ejected from a game there is a minimum additional one game suspension.

US Lacrosse Membership

100% US Lacrosse Membership is required for participation by our insurance carrier. When registering for the season you will be asked to confirm your US Lacrosse membership.

Injuries and Medical Conditions

Parents of players with medical conditions should be present during games and practices. Coaches can not agree to give any medication to a player.

If a player is sick or hurt, coaches are expected to stabilize the situation. This includes calling 911, if necessary.


We ask that all players and parents agree to the following waiver of liability and code of conduct:


I will only participate in those competitions and practices for which I believe I am physically and psychologically prepared to compete.


I hereby give my consent to NMYLA and the host organization of any NMYLA event to provide through a medical staff of its choice, customary medical/athletic training attention, transportation and emergency medical services as warranted in the course of my participation in NMYLA events.

This includes calling 911 if necessary. Coaches will then seek out a
parent and assist his or her decisions.
Coaches can not accept or agree to give any medication to a player.
Parents of players with medical conditions should be present during
games and practices.


I am fully aware of and appreciate the risks, including the risk of catastrophic injury, paralysis and even death, as well as other damages and losses associated with participation in a lacrosse event. I further agree on behalf of myself, my heirs, and personal representatives, NMYLA, the US Lacrosse, the host organization, and sponsors of any NMYLA sanctioned event, along with the coaches, volunteers, employees, agents, officers, and directors of these organizations, shall not be liable for any injury, loss of life or other loss or damage occurring as a result of my participating in the event.


Players, coaches, spectators, and parents are to conduct themselves in a manner that "Honors the Game" and demonstrates respect to other players, coaches, and spectators.